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Economic citizenship or Citizenship by Investment programs are more popular now than ever with investors and high net worth individuals (HNWI’s) around the globe and more countries openly coming forward with proposals of citizenship by investment programs to attract business investors worldwide to invest in their country.

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In return of the contribution made, the investor is entitled to a “second citizenship” and a “passport” in the country, where he/she invests by legal means, officially approved by the Government authorities. Such programs are commonly referred “Economic Citizenship” or “Citizenship-By-Investment programs.”

Developed countries such as the USA, UK or Canada only grant citizenship and passports to investors after certain period of residence has elapsed through naturalization. Therefore the investor must wait for the residency period to elapse before obtaining his/her passport.

However, the more common model of economic citizenship program is available in countries. where it is possible to get a passport by investing in various sectors. Under these scenarios, a passport can be obtained within a few months to a year. The family members of the investor are also eligible for citizenship and passport.

Wilfred Advisory Services (Wilfred Services S.A.) is a Panamanian company that is headed by an international financial services practitioner who has assembled a network of highly reputable lawyers and advisors across various jurisdictions to provide citizenship by investment services to persons and families from around the globe in a professional and efficient manner.

Our firm will always offer its services at competitive rates and will not compromise on the quality in he deliver of its services. In the future, Wilfred Advisory Services will increase the range of services offered to meet the needs of its clientele in an ever-changing world.

Economic Citizenship

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